“While I may have my concerns and complaints about institutionalized religion, the church does hold the possibility of being an honest community of broken people trying to be present to God and each other.”

Nathan Foster, “The Making of an Ordinary Saint”


I’ve known for quite some time that the Bible says “Resist the Devil and he will flee from you.” But I am only just realising that I live as if it says “Ignore the Devil and he will leave you alone.”

One thing from the Queen’s Jubilee celebrations last weekend has lodged itself in my head: the refrain “I am here, I am here, I am with you” from the song “The Call of Wisdom” sung at the service of thanksgiving. It has succeeded in reminding of the truth engraved above our kitchen door “Bidden or unbidden, God is present.” Even when I fail, to trust, to obey, to care, to listen, God says (among other things) “I am with you.”

Reading this post helped me make another connection more consciously than before: that when God says, “Do not be afraid.” he doesn’t normally proceed to give at least three very good reasons (naturally all beginning with the same letter) why, in the light of his revelation, being afraid is an utterly ridiculous state for anyone who claims to follow him. Rather, he simply says, again and again, “I am with you.” Continue Reading »

I have an imaginary friend. His name is Jesus. Now, before you all cry “Heresy!” and go running for your pitchforks, I should point out that I also have a very real friend called Jesus, who also happens to be the Son of God.

Continue Reading »

“Now then, now then, I have a nice letter from a young man named Colin in Coleraine and it says: ‘Dear God, please could you fix it for me to…'”
Methinks it’s a good thing God is not like Jim’ll Fix It. I doubt I would be able to move for “God fixed it for me” badges.


The following four sentences constitute the most treasured quotation I have found on my limited sojourns in Christian (or any other) literature:

“Vision can only really be born out of sharing God’s heart for a particular situation. Vision comes from being put in the picture to the point where your heart aches for something to be done about it. Developing a real burden for that situation makes you cry out to God and drives you to prayer. Deep and committed, heartfelt prayer leads to the discovery of God’s will and purpose – then it’s time to act.”

Thank you Dave Cave for this insight inspired by your reflections on Nehemiah Chapter 1 and published in the corresponding Crossway Bible Guide.

Something’s been bothering me for ages, but I couldn’t quite put my finger on it. Or maybe I just avoided it because I thought it was a stupid question. But now, with help from an honest and wonderful friend (not the kind you can have hundreds of on farcebook – no offence to all you wonderful friends on facebook, of course!), it’s staring me in the face and refusing to politely disappear so I can go on my merry way (as I do, you know). And this disconcerting dilemma is … Continue Reading »

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