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Preprayer the Way

“When God purposes to work He first sets His people to pray.”

John Wesley


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“It is only when we, like the Son, truly know and show that we can do nothing of ourselves, that God will do it all.”

Andrew Murray, Humility, p23

Perhaps this counterintuitive Kingdom of God truth is also reflected in the thoughts of Pooh Bear, as related in the Disney film “Christopher Robin”:

“Doing nothing often leads to the very best kind of something.”

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“Then we begin to understand that God’s whole purpose is to bring us to the point where he can walk with us quietly, calmly and constantly, leaving us space to grow to be his (often fumbling) co-labourers.”

Dallas Willard, “Hearing God”, p151.

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Church of Possibilities

“While I may have my concerns and complaints about institutionalized religion, the church does hold the possibility of being an honest community of broken people trying to be present to God and each other.”

Nathan Foster, “The Making of an Ordinary Saint”

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The following four sentences constitute the most treasured quotation I have found on my limited sojourns in Christian (or any other) literature:

“Vision can only really be born out of sharing God’s heart for a particular situation. Vision comes from being put in the picture to the point where your heart aches for something to be done about it.┬áDeveloping a real burden for that situation makes you cry out to God and drives you to prayer. Deep and committed, heartfelt prayer leads to the discovery of God’s will and purpose – then it’s time to act.”

Thank you Dave Cave for this insight inspired by your reflections on Nehemiah Chapter 1 and published in the corresponding Crossway Bible Guide.

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Naked Truth

“It is better to live naked in the truth than clothed in fantasy.”

Brennan Manning.

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Rich Pickings

“I’d rather fight you for something I don’t really want, than take what you give that I need.”

Rich Mullins, Hold Me Jesus (from the album “Songs”).

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